About Us

Wabi Sabi mission is to provide homeowners with a unique shopping experience; one in which they can discover quality, one-of-a-kind furnishings and home décor that most can afford. In addition to connecting homeowners with the products for their home we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise of interior design to help customers create spaces that they truly love. 

Our Values:

Customer Service Focused:  Whether you are a customer or consignor you are an integral part of our business!  We cannot operate without your loyalty and support. Everyone is welcome in our space and will be treated with respect and kindness in all our interactions. We will be transparent and forthcoming about all our policies so that you understand what you agreeing to and what the expectations are. If issues do arise, we will work to resolve them in a timely manner and if we fall short of our ideals, we will listen with empathy and take accountability for our mistakes.

Sustainability:  Some 9-12 million pounds of furnishings are thrown away in the US every year so keeping furnishings and home décor items in circulation is at the heart of what we do. Nothing makes us happier than saving a piece of furniture from ending up in the landfill and that’s why we connect our customers to reputable service providers who specialize in customizing and revitalizing quality, existing furniture pieces. We are driven to make it easier for our customers to make more sustainable choices when it comes to decorating their homes. 

Accessibility:  We believe that good design is for everyone and that you don’t need lots of money to create a space that you love. We offer an eclectic mix of furnishings and home décor in a wide variety of styles and colors so that most anyone can find something that suits their tastes and their budget. Our reasonably priced design services make it feasible for homeowners to finally have access to the knowledge and expertise of design professionals that can assist in creating spaces that will bring them more joy.

Mindfulness:  We know that one of the reasons there is so much waste in the world is because people readily purchase items that they don’t truly want and or need. This mind set coupled with the growing availability of disposable furnishings are the drivers behind our furniture waste problem. For our homes to be places that restore and enliven us, we must thoughtfully choose things that have meaning for us, not what others find trendy or cool. It’s common for consumers to default on buying new furnishings so we inspire and encourage more people to consciously choose preowned, instead of new.

Connection:  Connection is one of the necessary elements to living a meaningful and joyful life and the opportunity to connect with others in our community in big and small ways, is what brings meaning to our everyday lives. With our design services we share the process of how to create relationships amongst individual pieces for a well thought out design plan and we are driven to match people with the furnishings that they need to make their homes feel uniquely theirs. Through our product and service offerings we facilitate the development of greater connection between people and their spaces.


About the Owner

Christine took over ownership of Wabi Sabi in August of 2023 after it had successfully been operating since 2009. Christine was working as an independent designer helping busy homeowners design and remodel sustainably when she decided to take the leap and purchase the shop. Christine saw this as an opportunity to create a furniture consignment shop that was doing more than selling great products, but that she would fill a void in the design services market by aiding her customers with their interior design selections.

A lifelong vintage shopper and design enthusiast, Christine is exceptionally skilled at identifying and repurposing quality furnishings and materials to create carefully curated homes. She sparks joy in the hearts of her clients by thinking outside the box in creating unique color and pattern combinations that surprise and delight the eye.