Design Services

Enhance your home effortlessly with Wabi Sabi's personalized consultations! Our expert designers offer tailored solutions to transform your space. Whether you need the perfect furniture piece, a harmonious color palette, or a room refresh, we've got you covered.

Design Package Details

What’s included in each service

Furniture Consultant

Furniture Consultation | $175 (limit one piece)

Selecting the right furniture piece(s) for your space can be challenging, especially when you have existing pieces that you need to coordinate with. We are here to help you get the scale, color, and style right so that your new piece(s) will enhance and elevate the look of your room. We will show you current furnishings that we have in the shop and if we don’t have the right piece in our inventory, we will match your needs with incoming furnishings.

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Color Scheme Photo

Color Scheme Consultation | $350

Our color consult is about so much more than picking the right paint colors.  Color brings us so much joy and having a consistent color palette creates balance and harmony throughout the home. We are passionate about teaching everyone how to thoughtfully incorporate color into their lives by helping them to establish a whole house color scheme. We will determine which neutrals work best with your existing finishes (countertop, flooring, tile, etc.) and we will work you to determine 2-3 accent colors that are right for you and your space.

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Living Room Photo

The Zhuzh (zhoozh) | $599 Per Room

If you have most of your furnishings and home décor and need help with identifying a few key pieces that will improve your space, we can help. We will shop our store for options and will come to your home and pull it all together. We will accessorize your case goods, such as tables and bookshelves, hang artwork in the right place, and if necessary, rearrange the furniture for an optimal layout.

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Do you have another design need not listed here, for Customizable Design Services, please contact Christine directly at: