Furniture Consultation - Email Response

Congratulations on the recent purchase of your Furniture Consultation, now you no longer must settle for any piece of furniture, but instead, we’ll help you find the RIGHT one!  We want to ensure that this is a great experience for you, thus we want to be clear about the process, what you will be getting, and what will be required from you. The furniture consultation works best by us gathering pertinent information from you about what you want.  We’ll use that information to explore possibilities and then have you come in to view the recommended offerings.

Let’s get started!


  • First, we need to get a good understanding of your space, including the fixed finishes and other furnishings and colors in the space. Please take a short video (MP4 file) of the room. Please email that to  In the video please tell us how many pieces you are wanting and of what type (i.e. sofa, cocktail table, etc.) you will need for your room.
  • Scale is very important when it comes to selecting furnishings, so we want you to draw a (rough) sketch of the shape of the space with the overall room dimensions. Consider using: Online Room Planner - Design Your Room (  Send us your sketch as an attachment in an email.  * Add-on drafting service available.
  • Next you will want to get your in-store appointment on the calendar. We take design appointments on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 10am-3pm for a one-hour block of time.  You can schedule that appointment by clicking on this link.
  • Finally, we want you to start preparing for your in-store consultation where we will be asking you more detailed questions about your wants and needs. Feel free to bring in inspirational photos to help convey your desires and be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • How do you want this space to feel? What is the overall vibe?
    • If you have not incorporated color into the space, which ones would you like to?
    • Is there anything else that you are planning to change about this space soon?
    • What is your budget for EACH piece (please provide a range with a maximum)
    • How do you use this space?
    • Do you have children?
    • Do you have pets? What kind?
    • How much natural light does space get?
    • Do you have a deadline?

Please be aware that in some cases we will not have the exact piece that you are looking for.  In some cases, we will recommend altering and customizing existing pieces. If that needs to happen, we will make fabric and or refinish recommendations.  In some cases, it may just be a matter of waiting for the right piece to come in. If after 3 months, we have been unable to locate a piece we will give you a recommendation on the style, size, and color/pattern recommended. You can take that to a furnishings store and purchase what you need.

We look forward to assisting you in finding (or creating) that special furniture piece!